A Visual Blueprint for Software Design: Down Under Style

How many times have you said: 'Crikey! That's not what I asked for!' when the dev team shows you what they've been working on? Far too many software projects go as well as a Tasmanian Devil at black tie gala dinner.
Why does this happen? Written requirements is the most popular approach in software projects, but have you ever heard an engineer say: 'You know, a thousand words is way better than a picture'?
Getting requirements right is like trying to wrestle a crocodile and a shark - at the same time! They can be ambiguous, incomplete and extraneous, making them hard to validate. And they change more often than a Melbourne weather forecast. This is one of the major factors causing the persistent 22 % failure rate across all IT projects, with another 50 % being very late and over budget.
Say G'day to a blueprint and process for the design of complex software that is to software engineering what architecture is to civil engineering. It's based on 30 years of experience in the Australian software industry and five years of Government-funded R&D. 
The blueprint is a connected set of five visual models that gets business and IT on the same page. It's fast, easy to learn, and can be used whether you buy or build. It'll fundamentally change the way you approach software design - because hundreds of colourful sticky notes on a wall is about as close to 'design' as a Koala is to being a 100 meter Olympic sprinter.



Craig Errey
Craig Errey is an industrial / organisational psychologist, business architect, and software designer specialising in connecting people, work and technology. Craig holds a Masters in Applied Psychology from UNSW and is a Registered Psychologist in Australia.  For 30 years, he’s worked on the requirements and user interface design for some of the largest organisations in Australia including Commonwealth Bank, Credit Union Australia, Telstra, Qantas, NSW Department of Education, NSW Department of Industry, ASIC, Australian Parliament House, ANZ Bank, and Tourism Australia. Craig has designed complex software systems used by millions of people, everyday.

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